If you’re ready to bring your gaming vision to life with spectacular visual effects, connect with Vidribute’s talented VFX team today. Let’s create games that not only entertain but also leave a lasting impact, one visual effect at a time.

Visual Effects (VFX) for Games

  • Real-Time Visual Effects: Leverage our expertise in creating spectacular real-time visual effects that enhance your game’s visual narrative and make gameplay more immersive.
  • Particle Systems: We create stunning particle systems for effects such as fire, smoke, and magic spells that can make your game stand out.
  • Shadergraph / Particle System: Our team leverages Shadergraph and advanced particle systems in Unity to deliver unique, impressive visual effects for your game.

Virtual Production

  • Virtual Set Creation: We provide comprehensive virtual set creation services for game cinematics, creating realistic environments for your in-game scenes.
  • Virtual Production Techniques: Our team uses cutting-edge virtual production techniques to bring the magic of Hollywood-style VFX to your games.
  • Digital Double and De-Aging: We offer digital double creation and de-aging services, allowing for realistic character design and animation that extends the possibilities of your game narrative.

3D Modeling & Texturing

  • 3D Modeling: Our VFX team creates high-quality 3D models, providing your game with assets that are both visually stunning and optimized for performance.
  • Realistic Texturing: We enhance the look and feel of 3D models with high-quality, realistic texturing, contributing to the immersive experience of your game.

DeepFake and Facial Animation

  • Facial Animation: Our team provides high-quality facial animation services to bring your characters to life with a wide range of emotions and expressions.
  • DeepFake Technologies: We utilize DeepFake technologies to deliver realistic and expressive facial animations for your in-game characters, enhancing player immersion.


Transform your product with top-notch VFX. Contact Vidribute now and let’s start crafting the spectacular visual effects your game deserves.