Art, Design, Animation

Are you ready to bring your gaming vision to life with stunning art, design, and animation? Connect with Vidribute’s talented team today to take your game visuals to the next level while contributing to a greater cause. Let’s game for a difference together!

Concept Art and Design


Our storyboarding services transform your game narratives into compelling visual sequences.

Character Concept Art

We craft distinctive and engaging characters and game levels that capture players’ imaginations.

  • Character and Level Concept Art: We craft distinctive and engaging characters and game levels that capture players’ imaginations.
  • Environment Design: Let us create rich, immersive gaming environments that are visually appealing and functional.

3D Modeling & Sculpting

3D Modeling

We create high-quality 3D models for characters, weapons, clothing, and game-ready assets that are optimised for performance.

Hardsurface Modeling

Our hardsurface modeling services are perfect for creating realistic, detailed objects and environments in your game.


We use digital sculpting techniques to create highly detailed characters and objects, adding depth and realism to your game.


Procedural Texturing

Our team applies procedural texturing to create detailed, realistic surfaces on 3D models.

Realistic Texturing

We enhance the look and feel of 3D models with high-quality, realistic texturing that contributes to the immersive gaming experience.



We provide high-quality rigging services, creating a framework that enables your 3D models to move realistically.

Character Animation

Our animation team breathes life into your characters, providing a smooth and natural movement that enhances gameplay.

Facial Animation

Our facial animation services provide your characters with a wide range of emotions and expressions, adding depth and realism to your game.

Digital Art

Digital Art

Our artists create stunning digital artworks that can be used for game assets, promotional materials, or social media content.

2D Graphics

We create attractive and functional 2D graphics for your game UI, promotional materials, or any other needs.

Digital Painting

Our artists bring scenes to life with vibrant digital paintings that set the tone and mood for your game.


Transform your gaming vision into a visual masterpiece. Contact Vidribute today and let’s make your game’s art, design, and animation unforgettable.