This is a story all about …

how we got here and the people working together!

What we do

We at Vidribute are developing mobile games which will not only keep you entertained while being on the go but will also help generate money for a good cause. Think of it as new way of having fun doing something good the easy way. We’re removing the obligation and pressure of donating money yourself. You will be generating donations in an entertaining way, just by playing the game, through watching  Ads and/or making In-App Purchases.
The good cause is the big thing that differs us from the usual mobile game developers. A big part of our revenue will be donated to aid organizations, who for example are giving less privileged children the opportunity to get an education. Transparency is one of the keywords for that matter. You will be able to follow to which organizations all the donations are going to.

How we got here & where we are

Our story begins with a thought in 2017. A thought of creating something of our own while at the same time helping other people with their lives. An urge which was shaped by our past experiences. Be it seeing our own classmates being pulled out of school, because their parents couldn’t pay their education anymore or experiencing poverty on our own account, within our own families and friends.

The important thing is that all of our experiences created the will in us to make a difference in our lives. And all it took, was two good friends starting out with a vision and the idea how to accomplish just that.

How are we connected

We got to take part in the “Chancen Nutzer”-program at the Social Impact Lab Frankfurt. The program, which translates roughly into “user of chances”, was sponsored by JP Morgan. It enabled us to learn about  business, business-law, marketing and project management through coaching and workshops by their experts and people from the Social Impact Lab.

In addition to it we got to meet other businesses at the Social Impact Lab and amongst them were Social DNA whom we could later on win over to become our social media marketing partner. Furthermore we are currently striving to expand our reach even more through extensive networking.

Meet our team

Imran Hossain
Imran HossainCo-Founder, Developer
Imran was born in Bangladesh and he is a gamer at heart. He has five+ years of work experience in programming, solution development and IT Consulting in automotive. He gets his will to help others from his parents who are his role model.
Tasnuva Trina
Tasnuva TrinaCo-Founder

Our NGO Partner

Shakilur Rahman
Shakilur RahmanNGO Director, FatePatch
Shakilur Rahman is involved in volunteering since his days studying social work. He started working as a guest lecturer at Govt. Hazi Muhammad Muhsin College in Khulna, Bangladesh after he finished his Masters. His extensive network, knowledge and experience in his field makes him and his NGO a reliable partner for us to fulfill our vision.

Our Partners