The Why!

Learn about what we do and why we love to do it.

The challenge

About 264 million children don’t have access to education all over the world. This was in the UNESCO Global Education Monitoring Report from 2017/18. A Number that even went up about one million in comparison to 2016. Lots of different reasons prevent these children from having a better future.

Education-programmes funded by donations can solve some of these problems. But there lies the problem. You have to approach people with your mission and convince them to give donations for your cause. This can be very time consuming and you have to fight your way through tough competition.

Our approach

We didn’t want to go door to door to ask for donations. Instead we searched for ways to incorporate charity with a everyday task. We looked at people playing games on their mobile anywhere and a question came up. What if we combine the revenue stream of mobile games and put it as a continuous financing method for our cause?

As a result we decided to be a mobile game development company. We incorporated it into our motto to donate 25% of the income from our games for good cause.

Our impact

The main focus of our approach will be developing mobile games for our cause. Consumers can enjoy the game for free and buy In-App items or watch video ads to enhance their gameplay. And through having happy customers we will be able to fund and secure the future of children in need.

As a secondary result we want to establish ourselves as one of the leading game studios. Thus providing jobs to people who want to work in the game industry. For us another valuable factor will be to see the State of Hessen as a leading place for gaming innovation.

Who we support

FatePatch is a non-profit-organization involved with social research and social welfare activities for children and young adults from economically challenged households. They equip them with learning materials and lunches for a small fraction of the cost. This method helps develop their mentality with the concepts of self-respect and ownership because they are buying those materials and not considering it as charity. The example of buying a school bag for 10 Taka (10 Cents) instead of 200 Taka (2 Euros) make a huge impact on their self-confidence. The organization also provides training sessions, seminars teaching them about sanitation, hygiene, rights and social development to make capable citizens for the future.

Our values

We are striving to build a future for those who can’t help themselves. Also taking away the burden and complexity of direct donations from the gamers. We want to show that you can have a successful business and helping others at the same time. For now we are focusing only on education problem. Many more are to come.